Lac “King” a Championship

 (Written June 13, 2011)

By Chris Lehman
Said it from the start. This team in Miami would not win the championship this year, nor would they ever win one in the future. I’ll be the first to say they exceeded my expectations of losing in the conference finals. Their goal however, was not to prove me wrong, but was to dominate the NBA and win a ring. For those of you who missed the finals, this did not happen. So while some will defend that the Heat did in fact have a great season, coming up only a few games short, they did not achieve what they set out to do – win a ring. This makes the season a failure.
Last night, Le”Brawn but no talent” James WITNESSED, for lack of a better word, once again what it’s like to come so close but to watch the championship slip away. The sad thing is, had he stayed on the Cavs, the team that was built around him may have actually won a ring. But instead, he left the team that the previous year had the best record in the NBA’s regular season to join his buddies down in Miami. While I’m sure they had fun, this was not a team fit for a ring. Dwyane, who had already Waded through championship waters, knew what it took to win it all.While on the outside Wade seemed excited to have an athletic freak like James join his team, but  I can only imagine what went through his  head. When James decided to take his “talents” to South Beach the airlines must have lost his bags containing them. But what showed up instead, was an explosive pair of legs with a battering ram as a body with a much-improved (but still only decent) shot. His biggest problem was when he tried to drive the Bat-Mobile. But Robin’s name wasn’t on the insurance. So then the only solution is that Robin was confused and thought he was Batman. But there’s only one Batman in Miami, and that’s the guy with a ring. (AKA. not LeBron).
As obvious as it is that I do not like or respect LeBron as a player, I cannot deny that he is a hell of a player because of his size and athleticism. Now when u take the 3rd best shooting guard of all time and pair him with James, who might be the best sidekick player of all time, you have the talent needed to win a championship. But as seen with Dallas, winning a championship isn’t all about having the most talent. The Mavs may be the least talented team to ever win a championship, but they all simply play well together and KNOW THEIR ROLE. The fact that LeBron didn’t know his role on the team is the only reason why the Heat did not win this championship as well as many to come. Wade and James are both players who are used to ALWAYS having the ball and being the guy as time is coming down, especially in a championship series. Both have been there before, one was able to win. It speaks for itself who it should have been this year.
However, as my title implies, LeBron will end up playing for the clippers and rejoining his buddy Mo Williams. Here he will still be lacking a championship but will be the LAC King, since he wants the title of king. He will be traded for Eric Gordon and 2 first round picks and he and Blake Griffin will be the two most explosive players on one team. They won’t win but will be fun to watch.

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