AFC Mid-Season Pro Bowl Selections

By Chris Lehman

If the NFL season were to end today, here’s a look at the AFC Pro Bowl roster:

  • Quarterback
  1. Tom Brady – Even though he’s thrown more interceptions than we’re used to seeing, he’s still putting up great numbers. He’ll easily be the starter facing off against Rodgers.
  2. Big Ben – I dislike the Steelers just as much as the next guy, if not more. But it’s hard to argue against what he’s doing this year. I’ll leave it at that.
  3. Andy Dalton – Usually the AFC team includes Manning and Rivers, but this year, neither of them will make the trip to Hawaii. With that, and Matt Schaub now out for the year, Andy Dalton hasn’t been spectacular, but he’s the next best they’ve got.
  • Running Back
  1. Fred Jackson – Somehow, this guy has never been to a pro bowl. That will all change soon. He leads all running backs in yards and I don’t see him slowing down any time soon.
  2. Arian Foster – How good is this guy? I’ll be the first to admit that I thought he was a one-year-wonder. It seems like every time he touches the ball he rips off a huge run. Not to mention his ability catching the ball.
  3. Maurice Jones-Drew – Mojo is back at it again. He’s had back-to-back 1,300 yard seasons. He’s on pace for another. UCLA will be represented in Hawaii.
  • Wide Receiver
  1. Wes Welker – Lost in the hype of the alien disguised as a human previously mentioned, Welker, who has racked up 1,006 yards through nine games, is 60 yards behind pace to break Jerry Rice’s all-time record for yards in a season (1,848). When you’re Tom Brady’s favorite receiver, you’re doing alright.
  2. Mike Wallace – One of the biggest playmakers in the league. In a lot of cases, the quarterback makes the receiver. Here, I sure think Wallace makes Ben.
  3. A.J. Green – Opposing defensive backs call him a sloppy route runner. Call him what you want, but when he burns you for a touchdown you’ll probably shut up. He’s going to emerge as a star in a few years.
  • Tight End
  1. Rob Gronkowski – This guy is virtually impossible to guard in the red zone. If you stop him once in the end zone, Brady is going to look for him on the next play. He’s the second best tight end in the league.
  2. Aaron Hernandez – Has a team ever had two tight ends go to the pro bowl in the same year? If not, that should all change here. He’s got all the skills to be a top weapon in the league.
  3. Antonio Gates – He’s been anything but impressive this year, but honestly there are no other tight ends in the AFC.
  • Tackles
  1. D’Brickashaw Ferguson – This guy is the best tackle in the game. Sanchez does not have to look over his shoulder. That’s what you want out of a blind-side tackle.
  2. Joe Thomas / Jake Long – There’s no way to pick between the two. Every since they’ve been in the league, they’ve done everything they can. Both play for disappointing teams but do a good job protecting the quarterback.
  • Guards
  1. Logan Mankins – Have you seen the time Brady has to throw?
  2. Brian Waters – See above
  • Center
  1. Nick Mangold – The anchor of the Jets. This guy is without a doubt, the best center in the league. No questions asked.
  • Defensive End
  1. Andre Carter – A career underachiever who has finally exploded onto the scene. Also, he beat D’Brickashaw for four sacks last week. That alone gets my vote.
  2. Von Miller – While he’s listed as a linebacker, I have him here because of personnel issues. As a rookie, he’s right at the top of the league in sacks. He’s going to be a great player for a long time.
  • Defensive Tackle
  1. Richard Seymour – Seymour has been around forever. He shows more longevity than just about any other player that I’ve seen.
  2. Geno Atkins – The Bengals have one of the top defenses this year and it starts up-front.
  • Inside Linebacker
  1. Ray Lewis – His stats aren’t what we’re used to seeing. But can you really imagine a Pro Bowl team without him? He’s the emotional leader of my AFC super bowl pick and still the best leader in sports.
  • Outside Linebacker
  1. Terrell Suggs – Call me crazy, but I say Suggs is the best outside linebacker in the league. He has the ability to get after the quarterback like Matthews and Ware but can also drop back in coverage. He’s the total package.
  2. LaMaar Woodley – He’s the best linebacker on the Steelers. The one everyone should be afraid of…not that other guy.
  • Cornerback 
  1. Darrelle Revis – There’s nothing he can’t do. One could argue he’s the best player in the NFL. He’ll shut any receiver down and then break up a play in the backfield on the next. Easy choice.
  2. Brandon Flowers – He’s not flashy and nobody knows who he is because he plays for the Chiefs. But if you watch him play, you’ll understand. He’s a top five corner in the league.
  • Safety
  1. Eric Weddle – The best thing the Chargers have done all year is resign Weddle. He’s undersized and plays with a chip on his shoulder. If you haven’t seen him play, watch him. He’s nasty.
  2. George Wilson – The veteran safety is on pace to have his career season. He leads all defensive backs in tackles with 79 while adding four interceptions.
  • Kicker
  1. Neil Rackers
  • Punter
  1. Shane Lechler
  • Kick Return
  1. Joe McKnight


  1. Dude your DT’s are ridiculous. Sey’s no slouch but Tommy Kelly has had twice the season he’s had playing right alongside him. And Geno Atkins just got his job back this week after being benched for poor play,
    Vince Wilfork?
    Haloti Ngata?

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