Still don’t believe in Tebow?

By Chris Lehman

“He is not an NFL Quarterback.”

These were the exact words that ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith said on ESPN First Take Friday morning in a debate with Skip Bayless about Tim Tebow’s value.

The two were debating whether or not the Broncos should keep Tebow or trade him to Jacksonville in a three-way trade with the Colts, assuming the Colts draft college sensation, Andrew Luck. The Broncos would then receive Peyton Manning and the Colts would figure to get a certain amount of draft picks from both teams. Former coach, Herm Edwards was the one who sparked this idea.

In this deal, everyone receives good players. It’s a win-win, right? Not at all. The only reason John Elway and the Broncos would get rid of Tebow is because they don’t feel that he is a good starting quarterback. So why would the Jaguars?

But how can we still even be discussing Tebow’s value and ability? Tim Tebow still does not get the credit he deserves. What else does he have to do?
Sure, he doesn’t throw for 300 yards a game. He won’t throw for four touchdowns a game. Yes, he’s only completed 47.5% of his passes. But what does this mean? That he’s a bad quarterback? No. All it means is that he’s unconventional. Everyone has an idea in their head of what a quarterback is supposed to be. They’re supposed to be fragile guys who stand in the pocket and only scramble out when absolutely necessary. They’re supposed to slide down after a run to avoid contact. They’re supposed to throw the ball a certain way, with a certain throwing motion. If there were a player who threw the ball underhand “granny” style, but put up phenomenal numbers, would teams not take him just because he threw different than the ideal throwing motion we have in our head.

But once we see a quarterback who embraces contact, isn’t overly concerned, or concerned at all with his personal statistics, comes into the league, the NFL doesn’t know what to think. It’s not what everyone is used to seeing so they have a problem with it.

Regardless of the Broncos 6-1 record since Tebow took over, teams and players all across the league don’t respect them. This week, the Broncos play against the Chicago Bears, who are one of those teams.

“We have to stop that crap,” said Bears’ linebacker, Lance Briggs while speaking on the game this weekend.

“Crap” is one of the last words that should be used to describe the Denver Broncos as of now. The word would fit quite a bit better if used to describe the first five games of their season. In Orton’s five games, he put up about 1,000 yards and 8 touchdowns. No one would consider that “crap” even though in that span they went 1-4. But since he looked like a quarterback should, everyone was okay with it. Everyone looks at Cam Newton as one of the top quarterbacks this year because he puts up great numbers. I’m not taking anything away from Newton, who IS having a good rookie year. While stats are nice, at the end of the day, the most important one is a “W” in the win column. And that’s exactly what Tebow does. Plus, he doesn’t turn the ball over! He has one interception this year. But everyone who looks at stats always leaves that part out. In the words of Skip Bayless, “He just wins football games!”



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