March Madness expansion?

Photo by: Huffington Post
Photo by: Huffington Post

By Chris Lehman

As our Founding Fathers once said, the only things certain in life are death and March Madness.

In the world of sports, we’re in an era of expansion and realignment. But have we gotten so caught up with these ideas that we don’t know a good thing when we see it?

The Bowl Championship Series is a mess. The NBA and NFL could possibly benefit from a change to their playoff seeds regarding divisional champions. But what’s wrong with March Madness?

With all this talk of expanding the tournament from 68 teams to 128 teams, I’m only left with one question. Why??

Last year’s tournament saw the highest per-game ratings in nearly two decades according to Nielsen.

Sure, college basketball has one of the more exclusive playoff systems allowing only 19 percent of the 351 teams to play for a shot to win the championship. But that’s what makes it great, because upsets can happen. Do we really need to watch The University of Portland Pilots go toe-to-toe with Coach Krzyzewski and Jabari Parker?

A 15 seed has upset a number two team seven times. And the 14 got the better of the three seed 17 times. And while the 16 seeds sometimes put up a good fight, these teams have never won a game in the NCAA Tournament. Not one. So it should stop right there.

What possible benefit could come from further expansion?

College basketball has reached the perfect combination of parity, and winning traditions. And if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

So allow me to correct Mr. Franklin. The ONLY thing certain in life is March Madness.



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