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NBA All-Defensive Team Prediction 2012

By Chris Lehman


The all-defensive team is one of the hardest awards to give out. It’s an easy tendency to just look at the steal and block leaders and throw their names on the list, but those stats can be deceptive. A terrible defender can easily get 2 steals a game by anticipating a pass and jumping into the lane. Just the same, someone can give no defensive effort all game and then chase down a fast break and make an impressive block. But a lockdown defender shows up all game and takes it personally when you score on them. Being a Lakers fan, I remember Kobe having to deal with past players  like Bruce Bowen and Doug Christie – those are guys who genuinely enjoyed shutting players down. Looking at the past selections for the team, I’m insulted that Shane Battier has never been named to a 1st team all-defensive team in his career, but only two 2nd team mentions. Here’s this year’s team:
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